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Fire hydrants computerized report:


A report containing the inspection and analysis of the fire hydrants and isolation valves within the aqueduct system is delivered to the customer. This report created with our Hydra Logic software includes seven sections:

  1. List of deficiencies
    This section contains all the irregularities encountered during the inspection.  Each type of irregularity will list the fire hydrants that have the problem along with the page number. This page will have a brief description and recommendations

  2. La Summary of priorities
    This page summarizes the required maintenance and repairs prioritized by the level of urgency.

  1. Hydrant(s) requiring immediate restoration.

  2. Hydrant(s) requiring urgent restoration.

  3. Item(s) requiring urgent restoration and/or replacement.

  4. Hydrant(s) requiring restoration before frost.

  5. Hydrant(s) requiring short term restoration.

  6. Item(s) requiring short term restoration and/or replacement.

  7. Hydrant(s) without deficiency(ies) pertinent to operation.

  8. Hydrant(s) requiring special attention during frost period.

  9. Conditions related to the surroundings of the hydrant(s).

  10. Valve(s) or valve housing related condition(s).

  11. Network related condition(s).

  12. Hydrant(s) restored within the last 36 months.

  1. Detailed list of priorities
    This section is very important for all management. It contains a detailed list of irregularities sorted by their level of urgency. The priorities take into account the type and model of fire hydrant. We also list the fire hydrants sorted by irregularities.

  2. Descriptions and recommendations
    This section contains brief descriptions of the irregularities and our recommendations. Management will be able to use this information to make founded decisions on which actions are required to fix existing problems or prevent future ones.

  3. Fire hydrant register
    This section contains information sheets for each individual fire hydrant in the system. These sheets will list information such as: the address, the description, the static and dynamic pressures and information about the isolation valve.

  4. Appendix
    This section can contain two proposal. The first one is for fire hydrants at the top of the restoration priority list, from 1 to 4. These hydrants are not operating or could become non operative. The second one is for complementary work to be performed during our next visit.

  5. The plan
    This section contains a summary plan of the installations indicating the location of the fire hydrants.